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Vídeo marketing em landing pages aumenta os leads?

jul 26, 2022 | Blog

With the growth in the presence of videos on the most popular social networks among people, video marketing has become a powerful tool for boosting a business.


Video marketing works almost like a personalized white cardboard box : it is a blank canvas for the company to develop its communication in a creative and planned way.


This instrument, when used well and combined with landing pages, can transform visitors into potential customers and increase engagement on networks.


In the end, the question remains: what is video marketing and why is it so advantageous?

Explaining video marketing

Video marketing is part of the arsenal of content marketing tools to attract customers, showing them relevant content that leads them to consume the products and services of that enterprise.


With the popularization of the audiovisual format on the internet, many people began to search for relevant information no longer in text format, but in video format. This brings many benefits to those who use video marketing in their businesses.


This marketing niche is fundamental, since, just like a personalized banner with a photo , a company’s content must resemble its proposal. Combined with the more accessible format, it is easy to capture new visitors.


However, even though it is the new golden goose of communication, video marketing must be very well aligned with the company’s communication planning. The two must complement each other, in order to guarantee information to the consumer.


For example, a company that sells wholesale promotional pens would benefit much more from making a video exemplifying their use and extolling their colors than from text offering the same information.


Furthermore, video marketing can be more accessible to the public than other formats, as it gives a company a voice and a face. This makes it a powerful differentiator when present on landing pages, which will be seen in the next topic.

What are landing pages?

Landing pages, which in free translation are “landing pages”, are the first web pages accessed by users when these individuals search for something on the internet.


For example, if someone searches the internet for something about private elementary education and the page they land on is that of a school talking about the education it offers, this is that institution’s landing page.


These landing pages are generally used in marketing to capture data from customers and potential customers, in exchange for free content, such as e-books. This data helps to better map a company’s audience and generate more assertive communication.


Such pages have less text and elements than other parts of a website, since their objective is to provide a quick bridge between the enterprise and the user. 


Furthermore, it is on the landing pages that a form is usually presented, which must be direct, so as not to generate doubts in the person filling it out.

In the end, these web pages have the primary function of ensuring the transformation of website visitors into potential buyers, in other words, leads. 

What are leads?

There is a primary difference between a person who just visits a website and one who wants to consume the products that are present on it: intention.


Just like customers who are just “taking a look” at a physical store, visitors to a web page need to be classified, so that they are given the attention they need, with the aim of turning them into consumers.


Leads, as they are known in marketing, are those visitors who have the potential to become buyers. Not everyone who visits a website will become a lead, but the right strategy can capture a large number of new brand followers.


But after all this conceptual explanation, what is the relationship between video marketing, landing pages and leads?

Using video marketing to gain customers

The dynamicity of audiovisual content has been explored by different niches, mainly due to its ability to captivate people.


Furthermore, as large social networks have prioritized the video format, whether long-lasting or instantaneous, it is easier to make content reach new people, who are possible leads, through it. 


The use of video marketing by companies of any niche is full of benefits, such as these:


  • Flexible format, ensuring freedom of content;
  • Speed ​​in production and dissemination;
  • Easy identification of the brand in your industry;
  • Customer loyalty.


The presence of these videos on landing pages also helps potential consumers make decisions, informing them of the advantages of purchasing with that brand.


Given the benefits and facilities of this advertising tool, the next topic will explain how to start creating these videos, regardless of the company’s niche.

How to start producing video marketing

Firstly, an audience analysis phase is necessary to find out what type of content they consume and what motivates them to seek out this content.


To make this happen, several user classification tools, which capture data related to visitors to a website, can be used.


Furthermore, videos can now be used at this stage to get to know the audience. Recording content answering common questions in the industry and placing it on landing pages is a great way to check the reach of this content. 


Videos explaining how the product or service that is the flagship of the enterprise works also help to publicize this element.


For example, if a public seeks to hire a service that cleans upholstered chairs , it is essential that the company explains its ability to take the problem, which is dirty upholstery, and transform it into a solution, which is a clean chair.


Tracing the customer’s profile is important to ensure that they receive the video marketing that makes them consume the product, precisely because the solution offered is the one that suits them.


Secondly, knowing that the potential customer is interested in what the company has to offer, it is essential to develop an in-depth look at the video marketing content.


At this stage, content can be offered with experts in the area, who resolve not so common doubts, with the aim of capturing the attention of those who are already looking to understand more about the subject.


If the brand works in the air conditioning sector for commercial environments , for example, a video with engineers and architects explaining the benefits of this service to the customer could be the key to transforming a lead into a loyal consumer of the brand.


The third and final moment will work on customer confidence, so that they can consume again and become loyal to a company’s service.


At this stage, videos of before and after a service are usually used or even testimonials from customers who are satisfied with the company are shown.


This is mainly because consumers tend to trust the opinion of people who have already had contact with the brand before.


So, if a client, for example, goes for an artificial tan to disguise cellulite in a qualified company and is available to show images of their body before and after the service, the company will gain a lot from this.


It is also at this stage that tutorials and a bit of the company’s inner workings can be shown, to show that the buyer is also part of building the brand.


With this organization in hand, it is easy to start making videos for a company. Now, it is important to always have the marketing golden goose at hand: editorial planning.


This planning helps to distribute video marketing and other brand communications assertively, ensuring that you will not present the same content repeatedly to just one customer or worse: that you will direct the wrong content to a lead.


It is essential to work together with qualified marketing professionals, who will help organize and define brand communication.

Final considerations

Just like renting a multifunctional device , video marketing production can be a great help and guarantee an increase in the company’s profits.


For this to happen, it is essential to check and know the business’s audience well, so that the landing pages are attractive, with the aim of guaranteeing the transformation of many leads into loyal customers of the brand.


Furthermore, it is important to carry out editorial planning, as a way of ensuring that the content provided to consumers is assertive and informative.


That said, it’s easy to start generating video marketing content for a company and attract even more customers. Hands on!


This text was originally developed by the Guia de Investimento blog team , where you can find hundreds of informative content on different segments.